Ask Alecia: My Dog Won’t Use the Bathroom On Leash

Dear Alecia,

My boyfriend recently took one of our 1-year-old pups with him while he works of state. He can’t get her to pee or poop on her leash at his apartment. Although she will do her business on his balcony. He has tried long walks, using a harness instead of a collar, moving her poop to the area he wants her to use. Any suggestions? -Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,

Is there any place near your boyfriend’s apartment that is fenced in where he could take your pup out and let her be off leash to go to the bathroom?

I suggest this because sometimes it’s just the fact of having a leash attached that may make the dog choose not to go to the bathroom.

I suggest being as relaxed as possible when you walk the dog as I know it can be really frustrating when you need them to go to the bathroom and they simply refuse. Just breathe deeply, don’t focus on the dog going to the bathroom, just go for a walk and enjoy the walk.

Let me know how it goes.

Paws Up! Alecia

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  • Anonymous

    I have the same problem. I would not poop on leash. Recently on a Trip to Nashville Tn. my human would normally  undo the leash and let me do my business but this time there were too many dogs in the area for me to be let loose, so my human would keep telling me to go potty, go potty etc. Finally after about the 4th trip outside I had to go so bad that I finally went poop. I suggest not taking your dog off leash and enjoy the walk. Keep telling them to potty or whatever your words are to “do their business”  .until they finally go. It took me 4 trips to finally go but once they get to the point where they have to go they will.  During the rest stop on our trip back home I had to poop once again. I did it this time a lot easier on leash. I really didn’t know that I could do a #2 on leash because I was so used to doing it off leash! I prefer to go #2 OFF leash but at least now I know I can do it ON leash. 
    After doing my business easier the 2nd time I got the ” that’s my girl, what a good girl” words followed by a treat.