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Leila Coe, Founder of

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Bodie and Leila Coe in Pula, Croati

Would you like to take your dog on vacation with you–but you’d like the help of a professional in setting up the arrangements? Travel agent Leila Coe, founder of, specializes in dog travel and can help with travel arrangements anywhere you’d like to go. The Florida-based agent has plenty of personal experience in this field and knows the ins and outs of taking your dog on both domestic and international trips. DogTipper caught up with Leila to learn more about her business:

Can you tell us about your background and how you first came to work with dogs?

I had been a travel agent for several years before moving to Europe about four years ago. At that time we had a 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier that we took with us. We had done a bit of traveling with him in the States, prior to moving, and we did more when we got to Europe. He was a senior dog so we used to carry him in our backpack (which he loved!)! Sadly, he passed away. We waited a few months before deciding to adopt a new dog. We found Bodie at the animal shelter where he had been brought after being abandoned by a previous owner – he was left in a small kennel without any food or water for over a week. He has some neglect issues so we vowed to take him with us everywhere we go. He’s been to over 12 countries so far and almost a dozen states and we’ve only had him for three years!

Please tell us about and how you came to found the site.

Upon returning to Florida after living in Europe for almost four years, I decided I wanted to be a travel agent again. I started working from home for World Class Travel, an agency in Gainesville, FL that has been in business for over 20 years. One day I had the idea to start focusing on dog travel since I have a lot of experience from traveling with my own dogs. I searched on the internet and found a lack of “real” travel agents who specialized in dog travel. There are some for pet relocations and that type of thing, but I want to focus on vacations and other trips where you’d take your dog with you for fun, and not just because it’s a necessity. I also want to provide personalized travel services, instead of just offering generic information. I chose “And A Small Dog” as the name after writing countless emails over the years asking hotels and resorts if they have availability for “two adults and a small dog” or if they accepted small dogs at all.

What are the biggest challenges facing dog families that would like to travel with their dog?

Bodie on the Thalys train – leaving Paris

The biggest challenge facing dog families that want to travel with their dog today is having a real source of information and help when planning their trips. I think a lot of people assume that they can’t take their dog with them on holiday just because it was hard to do 5-10 years ago. Now, the trend is changing and more and more hotels, restaurants, public transportation and attractions allow dogs. There’s even an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with an all-inclusive plan for your small dog or cat!

Can you tell us about the dog travel services you offer?

I can help with any type of travel – from simple hotel room bookings and car rentals to multi-destination vacations. I mainly specialize in Europe, North America (including Hawaii, Mexico and Canada), and the Caribbean, but can help with any request no matter how big or small. I can also help answer any questions clients have about the legalities of traveling with their pets and help them sort out which paperwork is necessary for their trip. I also offer non-pet related travel services as well for those who aren’t traveling with their pet.

What else would you like the readers of to know about

I update the site regularly with tips, trip information and reviews so there is always something new to read. I am also looking for trip reports from others including photos, videos and reviews from those who have traveled with their dog before. There is also a travel request form on the site for those wishing to get a trip quote or more information. I personally respond to all emails and trip requests within 24 hours.

Please feel free to email me or contact me via the website with any questions or travel requests! Happy Travels!

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