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Survey Shows 8 in 10 Consider Dogs Equal Family Member

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We always enjoy seeing the results of pet surveys and here’s a fun one that just came across our cyberdesks: a survey commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen™ shows that 81 percent of Americans consider their dogs to be equal members of the family, while 77 percent own up to talking about their pups as if they are a human family member.  Over half of Americans consider themselves “pet parents” rather than “pet owners.” Most said this shift happened the moment their pooch joined the family.

The Milo’s Kitchen™ Pet Parent Survey, conducted by Kelton Research also showed:

  • 58 percent of American dog owners are comfortable calling themselves nicknames such as “Mommy” and “Daddy” when referencing their dogs
  • 35 percent refer to their dog as “son” or “daughter”
  • 10 percent have celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with their dog
  • two out of three pet parents surveyed admitted they use two, if not more, nicknames for their pups
  • nearly 72 percent of dog owners with children apply the same disciplinary standards to their pooches as they do with their kids
  • 62 percent that their dogs have their own chair, sofa, or bed
  • 13 percent of those surveyed said their dogs have their own room
  • 81 percent of dog parents know their pets’ birthdays, and have celebrated at least once
  • 77 percent have admitted to buying their dog a present for their special day
  • 74 percent of pet parents said they like to share one meal with their dogs each day
  • 75 percent chose dinner, a traditional time for the family to spend time together, as their favorite mealtime to share with their dogs
  • nearly 60 percent of Americans believe they appreciate their pups more now more than their childhood dog
  • two in three dog parents believe they are better parents to their dogs than their mother and father were to their dogs
  • 79 percent say they talk with their significant other more about their dog more than politics
  • 55 percent that discuss topics including their dog more than their human friends
  • 48 percent chit chat about their dog more than their job
  • 45 percent discuss their dogs more than their relationship
  • 57 percent say they and their partners devote more time chatting about their pups than intimacy
  • 23 percent have a photo album dedicated to just pictures of their canines
  • 16 percent have started scrapbooks for their dogs
  • 71 percent have at least one dog picture on them at all times that they show off to others

The survey was commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen™ Brand home-style dog treats, 100% real jerky, sausage slices and meatball treats.


Tuesday 3rd of May 2011

I'm my mom's fur-baby! She spoils me and all my doggie siblings - but not quite as much as her human offspring. Sometimes I feel like she shows them favortism. It's all good though cause she always has more than enough love to go around.

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