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Willie Nelson Writes to End Canine Profiling

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His music has tugged on our heart strings for the past 60 years, and now dog devotees are singing Willie Nelson’s praises for his support of Ohio House Bill 14, which would put a stop to canine profiling in the state.

An ambassador for Best Friends Animal Society, the country crooner has written to the senate “on behalf of dog lovers everywhere” in hopes that their votes will end bigotry “against dogs who share a cluster of physical characteristics by classifying this group as ‘vicious’ without any regard to individual dog behavior.

Because of current law, these dogs are considered ‘vicious’ at birth, even though there are countless dogs deemed ‘pit bulls’ but actually are of unknown heritage who make wonderful family pets.”

“Dogs, like people, are individuals and should each be judged on his/her own merits. The simple truth is that breed is not a factor in bites, and HB 14 is an important public safety measure that will protect individuals from any dangerous dog, no matter what the dog’s appearance or heritage.”

The Red-Headed Stranger is certainly no stranger to animal advocacy. The “Georgia On My Mind” singer, who previously bonded with Best Friends Animal Society back in 2007 to stop dog fighting in that state, has provided a stirring soundtrack for an ASPCA video, shown his support for SARA Sanctuary (a no-kill facility in Seguin, Texas) and shares his passion for the welfare of the planet through the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.

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