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Carrie Ann Inaba Promotes Save Them All Campaign

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Television viewers cheered for the fancy footwork of celebrity competitors when the 18th cycle premiere of Dancing with the Stars premiered on March 17th, and now dog devotees are applauding judge Carrie Ann Inaba as she steps up to promote Best Friends Animal Society’s ‘Save Them All’® campaign.

A proud pet parent to three rescue dogs and four rescue cats, the compassionate choreographer has posed with her rescue pup Peanut (who was adopted by the star from Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles) for the photo campaign, which is helping to shine a spotlight on the need to end the euthanization of more than 9,000 companion animals each day in US shelters.

“I got involved with this campaign because adopting an animal is one of the most beautiful healing experiences you can have,” Inaba said. “Not only do you help heal the wounds of an animal who has been discarded, lost or who never had a family before, but animals also heal you. All seven of my ‘kids’ are adopted—some rescued right off the streets, some from the shelter system where they would have been euthanized, and some from no kill sanctuaries. Each one has brought so much joy into my life and has taught me lessons I needed to learn about life and love. Adopting an animal is a beautiful thing.”

In 2012 animal lovers were dancing for joy when the news was announced that the former ‘Fly Girl’ was launching the Carrie Ann Inaba Animal Project (CAIAP). The CAIAP supports the rescue, welfare and well-being of animals by funding and creating collaborative programs that reduce pet over-population, and promoting the importance of spay/neuter, animal rescue and pet adoption.

Carrie Ann Inaba is one of a series of stars who is promoting the Save Them All mission by posing with their rescued dog or cat. Actor Danny Trejo (Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Con Air) has also stepped in front of a camera’s lens with two of his tail-wagging chums to raise awareness of the paws cause.

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Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Society