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Dog Horoscopes for March

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This month, the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics offer up pet horoscope readings for dogs for March. Not sure what this month holds for your pet? Your pet’s zodiac signs will be able to tell you what you (and he!) can expect by looking to the stars!


From laid-back poodles to hyperactive Labs, anxious Aries pooches are in the throes of cabin fever, ready to shake that pesky Punxatawny groundhog like a favorite toy as a result of the additional weeks of winter weather that have been keeping them cooped up inside. Aries dogs will find themselves trying to find an indoor outlet for their excess energy. However, the Spring Equinox on March 20th will bring them some relief and restore their sense of balance with the onset of warmer weather.


Dogs born under the sign of Taurus will find themselves tasked with the challenge of staying focused for much of March and the early part of Spring. Pet parents will want to steer their Taurus pooches toward a more disciplined regimen to help them stay focused. During this time, Taurus pups should avoid overstimulation and stick to one activity at a time.


The changes in the March air put Gemini dogs in a cheerful, upbeat mood. They’re ready to play and make friends. This month offers an ideal time to hit the dog park, take an agility class, or therapy dog class. Getting out and about will help Gemini pooches make new friends.


The presence of Venus will ensure that Cancer doggies and their pet parents are in harmony for much of March. For Cancer dogs, there’s no such thing as “March Madness.” This month will be more of a “Mellow March” where pets will be more than happy to cuddle next to their humans on the couch or curl up and play nice with other dogs, cats, and animals in the household.


As Spring approaches, Leo dogs will find a renewed sense of drive and purpose. From bossing around other household companions — two-legged and four-legged alike — to sniffing out new adventures and companions to play with, fiery Leo pups will have no problem shaking off the winter chill and springing into Spring!


With Mars in retrograde, Virgo dogs may find themselves lacking in energy and feeling a bit more down than usual. Pet parents will want to give their Virgo buddies some extra attention to help them elevate their mood. Not to fear, this sluggish period will pass around the middle of May and Virgo will be up to his or her old tricks again. For now, just take it easy!


This March, Libra dogs may be full of confidence, ready to boldly rush into new and exciting situations. However, pet parents will want to be sure that their four-legged friends don’t become too overconfident. Watch them carefully in social situations and don’t be afraid to “curb” any over-enthusiasm for new playmates lest their approach be taken the wrong way.


The cloud that had been hanging over Scorpio’s head since January will finally lift in March. The start of 2014 met these loyal dogs with some challenges and may have exaggerated some of this sign’s worst traits. With March in sight, misunderstood Scorpio dogs will find themselves in a more positive light. (No. Fido isn’t overly possessive of his food bowl or favorite toy. He’s just in need of a little comfort!)


This month, pet parents should take careful watch over their Sagittarius dogs’ health. This extends to their physical and mental health, too. If you see any signs of unusual behavior, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to your vet. Spending regular time together, going for walks, and getting in some quality time playing with your pooch and his favorite toy will keep your Sag’s spirits up and health woes at bay.


Normally staid, reserved Capricorn dogs may find themselves chomping at the bit to experience new things this March. Don’t be surprised if you find your canine companion eager to go for a ride in the car, or brimming with energy. Oblige your four-legged friend and let her accompany you on your travels or on a jog around the block as weather permits.


Dogs born under the sign of Aquarius may be find themselves getting more in touch with their roots and feeling the call of the wild. This comes as a surprise to those closest them, considering Aquarius is normally more of a social butterfly than a lone wolf. Give your Aquarius canine some space to just be himself this month!


Pisces pooches experience something of a creative renaissance this month. (What?! You don’t think canines can be creative?!) From finding new ways to play with old toys to unearthing new hiding spots to approaching new people and activities with a renewed sense of fearlessness, your Piscean pal seek your approval on all of her new ventures. It’s up to you to ensure she channels her creative urges constructively.