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Your Dog’s April Horoscope

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April showers bring May flowers, but Hollywood Psychics has more pet horoscopes and readings for your pooch for the month of April. Find your pet’s astrological sign and learn what you can expect this month. Read on!


Aries dogs will be in their element this month. However, feisty Fidos will need a strong hand to keep their Aries egos in check. (Pet parents, I’m looking at you.) Relax and don’t take things so personally — just enjoy the onset of spring!


Taurus pooches will be feeling less-than-confident this April. Whether it’s the result of a bad trim at the groomer’s or just a case of the doggie doldrums, this will affect Taurus dog’s “networking” abilities. Don’t expect your four-legged friend to be overly social this month before April 13th. Their bull-ish charisma will rear its head around that time thanks to Mercury entering Taurus and Saturn exiting stage right.


Gemini pups become extra lively this month. This sign’s playful, prankster side emerges this April. You’ll find your Gemini dog especially hard to resist this month, which bodes well for this sun sign, considering he’s recognizing that sometimes, he can be a little too independent and sometimes needs to ask for a human — or fellow animal’s — help in certain matters.


Cancer dogs will find their “crabby” side rearing its head this month around the 19th. This water sign will be swimming with positivity in the early part of the month, but may become a little snappish as Mercury and Uranus butt heads and make Cancer a bit more moody than usual.


April brings a series of wonderful new beginnings for Leo. For most of this winter, Leo has been in a funk. This month, Leo feels like her old, fiery self again. Leo will be riding high for the early part of the month, but is especially susceptible to negative influences and lapsing into bad habits around the 25th thanks to the emergence of Saturn in the sign.


This month, typically reserved Virgo shakes things up a bit and is in search of adventure. Whether it’s scoping out new buddies at the dog park, finding new spots in the backyard to hide bones, or luring her pet parents to new running trails, Virgo is all about finding the joy in life and seeking out new experiences


Poor Libra pooches will find themselves cast in the role of victim this month, throwing them off of their much-vaunted sense of balance. Other dogs or cats (it’s always the cat, isn’t it?) in their orbit will try to play Libra off as the patsy for some of their more diabolical schemes. Libra does need to take some accountability for his actions, however. Help your pup make better choices this month to offset some of the trouble the stars have lined up for him.


Scorpio dogs are born to run this month, happily jumping from the couch to the car and eager to accompany their humans on a variety of outings. However, these dogs need to be cautious and look before they leap, lest their over-enthusiasm be mistaken for aggression.


Sagittarius is feeling particularly family-oriented in April. Count on your four-legged friend to be a no-fuss companion in any and all family activities. She’ll make her presence known in subtle ways — and no, that doesn’t mean she’ll be leaving a trail of lamb-and-rice-flavored gas in her wake! You’ll find your Sagittarius dog sleeping at the foot of your bed, sharing a couch, or just sprawled out on the grass, politely observing as your family enjoys time outdoors.


Capricorn dogs are one, big ball of furry kinetic energy this April. Around the 10th, he’ll will be chomping at the bit to run, jump, play fetch and get into an exercise groove. Capricorn canines shift gears in the latter half of the month from self-improvement to becoming a social butterfly and playing well with others.


Aquarius’s motto is “go with the flow,” but April sees this mellow sun sign being pulled into a number of different currents, leaving her stressed and confused. Pet parents will want to chime in with positive reinforcement and offer loving Aquarius pooches some gentle guidance, structured activities, and organized playdates to stave off the chaos.


The tail (no pun intended) end of the month is a prime opportunity for old and young dogs to learn new tricks. This is a result of a culmination of cosmic convergences that start at the beginning of the month with Jupiter and the Sun teaming up to gift Pisces with a greater sense of comprehension. By the 25th, Pisces will be game for learning new skills. These skills could be anything from parlor tricks like “sit and shake” or attending agility training or therapy dog classes.

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