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John Barrowman Shines a Spotlight on Work of Hearing Dogs

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BarrowmanAs an actor and singer John Barrowman is accustomed to hearing the applause of fans, but the world recently went quiet for the star of Torchwood and Arrow as he went Deaf for the Day to raise awareness of the vital role trained hearing dogs play in the lives of those with hearing impairment.

Filmed by ITV Good Morning Britain, gel moulds which blocked 60 per cent of the star’s hearing created not only physical but also emotional barriers for the star as he attempted to go about his daily routine. Trying to follow conversations by lip reading and cross a street without sounds to alert him, familiar surroundings quickly turned intimidating as the actor found himself dealing with other’s frustrations as well as his own.   The wall of isolation which had begun to build between Barrowman and the world began to break down, however, thanks to help from a hearing dog named Robyn.

By going Deaf for the Day, the host of Sing Your Face Off— who acted as host for the charitable organization’s 2012 Hearing Dog Awards– followed in the footsteps of Tim Vincent and former EastEnders star Pam St Clement.  All Hearing Dogs for Deaf People ambassadors, the stars have helped to shine a spotlight on the organization’s thirty-plus years of helping those in the UK with hearing impairment.

John Barrowman’s blog provides further insight into the many challenges the famous friend of Fidos faced during his participation in Deaf for the Day.

Photo Credit: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

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