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Rescue Dog Takes Part in Opening Ceremony of Commonwealth Games

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Scottish Terrier (9 years)Athletes from 71 nations and territories are currently attempting to win medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and while only time will tell which sports stars will succeed in their quest for gold, the Scottish Terriers who led the competitors into Glasgow’s Celtic Park for the Opening Ceremony have already won the hearts of the world.

Among the 40 tartan-clad tail-waggers who promenaded in the procession was Mr. Beau, a 10-year-old rescued Rover. A dog who once had problems with aggression due to his difficult past, the Scottie was the portrait of a distinguished gentleman as he escorted athletes from both Malawi and Northern Ireland into the arena.

The Courier reports that Mr. Beau was adopted by Isla Reid, the secretary for the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme. Established in 1976, the all-volunteer organization helps to find forever homes for UK’s Scotties in need.

For more information regarding the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme:

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