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August Dog Horoscopes

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It’s August and the sun is shining, the summer is quickly coming to its end, and the planets have a lot more in store for our furry friends. Fortunately, the online pet psychics of Hollywood Psychics can help decipher some of what is in store for our dogs’ fate this month according to their zodiac sign.


As usual, you will find the Aries dog full of energy in August. With Venus also entering Aries, you can also expect to see a more sentimental and loving side of your pup. Every once in a while they might come down to earth from their exuberant energy and lay on your lap for some love! With the extra energy, your vigorous pup will demand more walks and other physical adventures.


Unfortunately, Taurus dogs aren’t having as good a month as Aries pups. The combination of Mars and Saturn in Aries will cause some negative behaviors; these already stubborn dogs will be more uncompromising and prone to conflicts. Try not to get in their way too much and let the small things so this month to minimize the struggle.


August is a month of communication for the Gemini, so these already vocal dogs will be even more prone to communicating with their masters. They will be extra affectionate if their masters share their sentiment, so try to really hear what they’re saying and give them the benefit of the doubt. On top of this, the positioning of Mars and Saturn will also be influencing Gemini pups in a negative way; it depletes their energy and makes them more accident prone, so keep a close eye!


Since Jupiter’s departure from Cancer in July, the level of drive behind Cancer canines’ wealth of emotions has cooled down. You can expect them to be less sensitive and overly hurt by your actions (whether they were meant to be negative or not). Also, with Venus in Cancer for the first part of August you will see a more affectionate side to your dog. Unfortunately, the high strung nature of these pups will return in the later part of the month because of the positioning of Mars; enjoy the first part of the month while it lasts!


Jupiter departing Cancer also affects Leo since that is where the planet will be until August of next year. Leo dogs will be positively influenced by the giant planet with extenuated energy, passion, and all of the other traits that compromise these fiery pups. The movement of the Sun and Mercury will further heighten this increase in energy, sprit, and overall positive energy


In the first half of August, you can expect your normally more solitary Virgo dog to be more prone to socializing. You’ll find them letting their guard down and joining in on group activities, actually seeking the love of their owners or animal friends. As the month goes on though, the spirit of these pups will be prone to decline so make sure you continue to make their presence known and welcome to prevent a slump.


As per usual, Libra dogs will be seeking attention and validation from their human companions. The influence of Venus this month will help strengthen some of their connections with their humans and any other dogs they normally encounter; take him/her to the dog park and they might meet a new dog best friend!


Scorpio dogs will have mostly positive interactions in their relationships in August. The presence of Neptune and Jupiter provide a positive uplift and help to make this sometimes head-strong pup a bit more harmonious. The positioning of Mars and Saturn in August will have unknown effects on the Scorpio dog’s behavior however; make sure to keep an eye on any random changes in your pup’s demeanor.


Freedom and adventure seeking Sagittarius will take a step back this month. The planetary movements in August will allow this dog to sit back and reflect on his or her adventures. Having a strong human or animal companion will help during this time so be sure to be there for your pup!


Capricorn canines will benefit from the positioning of Venus and it will manifest in a more loving demeanor. Not that these sometimes stoic dogs don’t love you, they’ll just be more inclined to show it this month. You might even be able to win in some of the smaller battles caused by their persistent stubbornness! As the month goes on the outward positive energy will decrease, however it will still be inside and will just be more subtle; they’ll be eagerly awaiting quality time with their human counterparts.


Unlike in July, Aquarius dogs will be more vibrant and social in August. The positioning of the planets will really propel these pooches to stay close to any animal and human friends. Take them to the dog park and they might meet a new Libra dog friend (who is also benefiting from this energy)! Just make sure to force your dog to have some downtime because they might get stressed with all their excess energy.


Venus will be influencing Pisces pups in the first part of August, causing these deeply emotional dogs to embrace the positive aspects of their profound inner thoughts. They will crave bonding moments with any companions in the house so be ready to give a lot of love! Their neediness will die down later in the month and they’ll be a much more balanced version of themselves.

Want to know more about what August may bring to your beloved four-legged friend? You can always call a phone psychic at Hollywood Psychics and they can see what else is in store!

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