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Your Dog’s Horoscope for September

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September: the notorious “back to school” season, the beginning of autumn, and a new cycle of the astrological calendar. It also means more monthly dog horoscopes from the talented pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics. September is shaping up to be an emotional month for almost all the dogs of the zodiac; read on to find out more!


Venus is still letting the emotional side of Aries dogs shine through, however it will be in Aries’ sixth house in September. This will lead to a less sentimental effect from the planet of love. Instead, these pups will be driven more to please their owners and might exhibit better behavior rather than running off, exuding an abundance of energy.


The negative shroud in August caused by the Mars-Saturn combination will be lifted in September. Instead you can expect to see your sometimes lethargic Taurus pooch to have new vigor and energy radiating. All of the new energy will likely lead to more physical activity than normal. They might even shed a few pounds!


Mercury’s presence in Gemini will lead to even more energy and playfulness than normal, so owners of these dogs need to make sure they give them plenty of exercise. With school starting back up, some schedule shifts may be needed in order to allow these pups to work out their excess energy. If not, they might be more prone to causing some mischief around the home.


Pay extra attention to your Cancer canine this month; in their dog-way, they will be trying to communicate with you more forcefully. This is their way of trying to get you to understand their wealth of emotions and can be very insightful for how to please/anger these pups in the future. In the second half of September, this energy will be more physical rather than emotional; make sure they don’t get themselves hurt while running around.


All of the energy from August will sift away in the beginning of September; expect to see a more docile side of these normally fiery pups. Get your cuddles and loving in because as September progresses Mars will move into Leo and the fire will relight; their normal energy and passion will return in full-force. These dogs will have a ton of energy during this period, but make sure they don’t over exert themselves and force some mandatory downtime.


Virgo dogs generally aren’t much for attention-seeking or craving intimate time with their humans. However for most of September, Venus will soften them up and let their emotions come out a bit more. In fact, these normally clean/regimented pups might even indulge and allow their inner-puppy to come out, be messy, and play. The Sun passing through Virgo will invigorate them further and bring a much more optimistic energy.


Venus will have the opposite effect on Libra dogs in September. Instead of the boost it will provide Virgos, these pups will be a bit more quiet and docile. However, as the second part of the month comes these pooches will perk back up and radiate more positive energy. All of that time marinating in their thoughts will lead them to feeling more cheerful.


Scorpio pups generally are more independent than other dogs of the zodiac, however in September they will display more sentiment. They will more often seek out the support and company of other animals in the house or their human owners. Take note, during the first half of the month the tense energy propelling them to seek out companionship will also potentially have negative emotional effects. Be sure to just spend plenty of time with your Scorpio pup and be there for them while they work through it.


After a month of reflection in August, Sagittarius dogs are back to seeking out adventure thanks to the influence of Venus. They will bound together with any other animals in the home (ideal if you also have a Scorpio dog!) and interact in a positive way. Make sure to give your Sagittarius dog plenty of exercise because if this energy isn’t exerted in a physical way, it can backfire!


September looks to be a quiet month for Capricorn canines. Venus will push these already passive and proper dogs further inside their own heads. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. These pups are just pondering the deeper meanings of chasing their tail or that food they eat in their food bowls every day. Also, be sure to take note on the 8th and 9th of September during the full moon as they will be markedly more emotional and will likely require more cuddle time.


Unfortunately, the positive influence the planets were bestowing upon Aquarius dogs in August will wane in September. Instead, there will be a quieter energy and they will be in a more reflective state – houses with both Capricorn and Aquarius dogs can expect a very docile month between the two of them. Be sure to appease them with their favorite treats and consistent attention and love.


The Sun and Venus will make these sensitive pups embrace their loving/positive side. Expect them to show a lot of affection, and if you return the attention it will only lead to positive boosts to your bond. If there are other animals in the household, expect only encouraging movement in those relationships as well.

The planets have a lot of emotional journeys for your pups in September. To learn more about what’s in store, you can always have a live psychic chat with a phone psychic from Hollywood Psychics – more insights about the meanings of our pooches’ often peculiar behaviors are waiting to be explored!

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