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December Dog Horoscopes

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November was quite the colorful month. And as the leaves lose color and the colder temperatures approach, we have our sights set on the winter months ahead. With cold air looming just outside our doorstep, we just may find ourselves spending more time than ever with our furry friends.

December is a wonderful time of year, best spent with family, friends and our favorite household companions. To help you and Fido enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, Hollywood Psychics is at it again with our monthly dog horoscopes for December.


The melodious relationship between Jupiter (currently located in Aquarius’ house of couple) and the sun will make way for a December filled with plenty of love. This relationship between two of our solar system’s most important entities will allow you and Fido to become closer than ever, while also revealing a new affair within your dog’s life. This may be the appearance of a new habit, neighborhood friend or relationship with one of your close family members or friends.


Happiness and positivity will fill the gaps between immeasurable growth and optimism for Taurus this month for a few specific reasons. Because Taurus is the leading sign of the Earth element, this December it will inter-connect with a number of influential celestials of the solar system. As this influence makes its way into your furry friend’s daily schedule, you will notice his substantial happiness and excitement at all of life’s little joys. This will serve as a wonderful reminder that no matter what accidents and small mistakes happen within life, there will always be tomorrow and your favorite household companion will be with you through thick and thin.


Fido will be accompanied by great fortune this December, as Jupiter continues to expand its influence on Gemini. The job of Jupiter is to bring adventure, education and happiness to everyone he touches throughout the year — and this month his reach will be amplified. The ever-changing landscape of Jupiter’s presence will help add prosperity in any areas of your pup’s life that he/she needs it the most. Keep a close eye on how your dog reacts to negativity throughout December and know that Jupiter is hovering above.


Confidence will shine bright within your furry friend this month, but he or she must not let that notion get to their fuzzy little head. December will allow Fido to feel strength in both their physical and mental states. Your dog may be very well behaved on many occasions, but as you welcome guests into your home for holiday gatherings be sure that he or she isn’t overstepping anyone’s personal boundaries or letting their confidence take control of the room.


The natural tendencies and decisions made by your furry friend will be more noticeable than ever this month. Your relationship will grow and you both will undergo moments of success and prosperity as the month comes to a close. An epiphany of sorts will help your dog understand the more important things in life, while taking value in the road ahead. As your pup grows throughout the month, you may notice them walking a bit more determined knowing their negative habits are soon to be in the past.


The month of December will be a challenging month for your Virgo dog, so strap on your seatbelt and tighten it quickly. Mercury will practically abandon the Virgo throughout the month, directing waves of negative energy to your dog’s everyday activities. Keep a close eye on your furry friend to ensure their complete safety and self-control. December will be a roller-coaster ride for you both, but the problems you face together will strengthen your relationship and pave a path for a positive and healthy January.


December will be quite the contrasting month for your Libra dog. The emotional rollercoaster ahead will happen due to the current planetary combinations, where we see Venus take a powerful position in the first 15 days. This will see your furry friend overcome with jealousy when visitors enter your home. There will be times where Fido feels a lack of compassion, so be sure to shower him with constant love. The second half of the month will bring Saturn to the forefront and with that an outpouring of affection and kindness from your dog.


Your Scorpio dog will be overcome with relaxation and comfort this December, which comes at a perfect time to parallel the holiday break ahead. There is not much that will phase your dog this month, but be sure to keep an eye on their curiosity for the unknown, especially when visiting new territory. Outside of few instances of adventure, your dog will be couch-bound, wrapped in a blanket, eyes gazing towards the fireplace and tasty bone in hand. Take this month to decompress with your furry friend, because you both know you need it!


The biggest change to be aware of for your Sagittarius dog for December 2014 will be the current state of their relationships with your friends and family. Watch closely as your furry friend becomes closer with the more important people in your life. Take notice of the growing strength of their bond with family members in particular, as well as friends who frequently show them affection. With this will also come the itch for your dog to create new acquaintances with fellow dogs, neighbors, and new people that come into your lives.


Your Capricorn will not be affected by any large-scale planetary combinations throughout the month, meaning both positivity and random pulses of harm and risk. Pay close attention to how they act within their daily routine and be cautious of their activity around other dogs and animals. Their attitude towards others will be energetic and outgoing for a majority of the month, but never discount their need to misbehave around company or even alone. Keep Fido safe and always top of mind, especially if you leave them for extended periods of time.


Mars will take a central role in the way your Aquarius dog acts throughout December. The red planet is also commonly known as the body responsible for the fall of the house of Aquarius. With that being said December may bring darkness and negativity to your furry friend’s mind-state. To help them through this month, give them plenty of fresh-air and never neglect to tell them just how much they mean to you. By setting up play-dates with other dogs and allowing them to be active, you can battle through the negative shadows that Mars bestows upon your Aquarius pup!


Accompany your Pisces pup on a fulfilling month of December as they set out to accomplish their deepest wishes, with Venus on their side. The current state of the stars supports Pisces and all of its movements and actions throughout the month, meaning that your dog will undergo tremendous personal growth this month. Watch as they become knowingly more obedient and mature, especially around strangers. December will be a wonderful month to show off your dog for the true stud/studette that he or she is!

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