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Senior Rescue Dog Winner of Scruffts

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ScrufftsPedigreed pup Knopa the Scottish Terrier may have won Best in Show honors at Crufts, but the popular UK-based canine event was also a golden opportunity to showcase the true beauty of mixed breed dogs when Golden Oldie title holder Gracie garnered the Crossbreed of the Year award during the grand finale of Scruffts, which was held in the NEC Birmingham show ring during the annual Crufts competition.

Once a pregnant pooch who was saved from a life on the streets by a rescue organization, Gracie saw all six of her puppies find forever homes while she waited for a pet parent of her own. However, the West Highland Terrier, Rough Collie and Corgi mix embarked on a new life nine years ago when she found her human companion in Alison Hitchens, and for the past three years has used her compassionate nature to raise the spirits of those in hospice care through her work as a Pets As Therapy dog.

“I entered her into Scruffts because I think it is important to promote rescue dogs and crossbreeds.” Hitchens confided to the Sunday Express. “I also think a category for Golden Oldies is essential as we don’t always value the loyalty and companionship older dogs give us.”

Gracie was declared the winner of the Scruffts competition during a finale which included Rovers representing the categories of Child’s Best Friend, Most Handsome and Prettiest Crossbreed Dog, GCDS Crossbreed Dog and Best Crossbreed Rescue. The canines were among more than 1,300 tail-wagging competitors in Scruffts heats throughout the year who helped to raise over £4,000 for various charities, including the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which funds the rescue and rehoming of dogs in need, the training of service dogs and research into dog diseases.

Pet parents in the UK who would like to enter their mixed breed barking buddy in one of the 2015 Scruffts heats taking place throughout England from April through October can visit the Scruffts page on Crufts website.

Photo Credit: Crufts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.