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Puppy Mill Action Week

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A time to celebrate the bond between parent and child, Mother’s Day honors the person who has given you love and support throughout your life. Sadly millions mother dogs in puppy mills who are forced to live out their lives inside cramped wire cages as they give birth time and time again, a sad statistic recognized every year on Puppy Mill Action Week.

Puppy Mill Action Week

When is Puppy Mill Action Week?

Held each year on the week before Mother’s Day, Puppy Mill Action Week is an initiative of The Humane Society of the United States.

HSUSis encouraging animal lovers to visit their puppy mill coverage created as a way to shine a spotlight on the plight of the two million dogs who are born annually in puppy mills and the mothers they are forced to leave behind as they are shipped to pet stores or sold online.

The website provides dog devotees with several sad statistics:

But along with the discouraging data, the website also offers hope for a better tomorrow for dogs in dire need of help by providing potential pet parents with reasons to choose the option of pet adoption.

You’ll find information regarding humane pet stores which help shelter dogs find forever homes, a link to a petition to put an end to unlicensed breeding purely for the sake of profit, and a pledge to be a voice for dogs who are so desperately in need of help.

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Puppy Mill Action Week
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