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National Pet Memorial Day & Tips for Healing Following Loss of a Pet

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National Pet Memorial Day is a time to look back with love at our dog and cat companions whose paws have walked the path which led to Rainbow Bridge.

When is National Pet Memorial Day?

National Pet Memorial Day is held the second Sunday in September. This pet holiday was founded more than four decades ago by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Tips for Healing with the Loss of a Pet

The organization– along with The Humane Society of the United States– offers the following suggestions to help with the healing process after the loss of a beloved pet:

  • Plant a memorial tree or dedicate a flower bed in your garden as a loving way to keep the memory of your late pet alive for generations to come.
  • Flip through the pages of a scrapbook filled with small mementos and snapshots of special moments with your late four-legged friend. As time goes by it will help to turn sadness into smiles as you take a walk down Memory Lane.
  • In the words of Mary Lee Hall’s famous poem, “…turn again to life and smile/ Nerving thy heart and thy trembling hand to do/ Something to comfort other hearts than thine.” Giving the gift of your time to dogs and cats as a volunteer at your local animal shelter will help to fill the lonely hours as you mourn your pet… and fill your heart.
  • Make a donation of much-needed items or money to an animal shelter or rescue organization. The generous gesture will help to lighten your sorrow as it brightens the day of dogs and cats in need.
  • Once time has passed, one way that you might wish to honor the cherished memories of your barking buddy or purring pal and the legacy of love they left behind is to welcome another furry family member into your heart and home. Although some people may experience a twinge of guilt at the thought of getting another pet and think that they have nothing left to give after going through the pain of their pet’s passing, they will soon find that their heart has only expanded over the years thanks to the love of their late pet– who, like all true friends, only wish happiness for the friend they had to leave behind.

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