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Candace Cameron Bure Promotes Proper Pet Dental Care

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Over the years actress Candace Cameron Bure has put smiles on the faces of Full House fans and viewers who tune in to the weekday chat fest The View. Now the star of the upcoming Netflix sitcom Fuller House has made devotees of dogs grin by showing her support for a good cause– proper pet dental care.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and to shine a spotlight on the importance of the pet holiday the TV star (who is both a proud pet parent and a spokesperson for Hallmark Channel’s adoption-themed Pet Project) recently partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital® to promote the release of its new scratch-and-sniff children’s story, “My Very, Very Smelly Breath.”

The sequel to Banfield’s first foray into the world of pet-themed children’s prose, “My Very, Very Busy Day,” the new book tells the tale of Queen Esther, a dog who discovers that she has halitosis. Thanks to the help she receives from her buddies Captain Noodles and Kitty, she learns how to remedy the stinky situation.

Explaining proper dog and cat dental education to the next generation of pet guardians, the book teaches young readers that pets should be given healthy dental treats, that regular vet visits help to prevent dental problems, and that a pet parent should help to keep their tail-wagging chum’s choppers in top shape through daily brushing. Data indicates that up to 80 percent of all dogs suffer form some form of dental issue by the time they turn three. By implementing the book’s tips into Rover’s daily routine, pet parents can help to lower the sobering statistic.

“My dog Boris’ health its extremely important to me, and dental care is a big component of that,” stated the star, whose Full House character DJ Tanner has become a veterinarian for the Netflix sequel to the popular 90s show. “By working with Banfield Pet Hospital I’ve been able to find new ways to get the whole family involved in Boris’ dental care- from brushing and providing treats to regularly seeing the veterinarian!”

Along with entertaining and educating readers,”My Very, Very Smelly Breath” is also a story that will help to write a new chapter for our four-legged friends who need a helping hand. Written and colorfully illustrated by artist Ray Nelson, all of the proceeds from sales of the book– which is available at all of the close to 925 Banfield Pet Hospital locations for a suggested donation of $10– will go to the Banfield Foundation to provide care to pets in need.

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