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LOVE is a Four-Legged Word

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Last year a massive $703 million was spent in the US on Valentine’s gifts for pets. That figure is DOUBLE what’s spent on Halloween, and works out at an average spend of just over $25 per person.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we love the idea of spending the most romantic day of the year with our pets, but this wouldn’t be DogTipper if we didn’t try to do our bit. So how about this? If you’re the type that likes to romance your pet, go ahead… but make a promise to donate the same amount that you spend on your own furry or feathered friend to a local shelter!

After all, in a survey of 1000 people, a whopping 66% described their pet as a “best friend” – what could be a better thing to do on Valentine’s Day than give someone a chance of adopting their next buddy?

There are loads of other Valentine’s stats in the graphic below, which was created by Canvas Factory. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Valentines Day Pets Infographic

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