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Rescue Dog Wins Palm Dog Award at Cannes Film Festival

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The 2016 Cannes Film Festival has come to an end, and while movie buffs are applauding I, Daniel Blake’s‘s Palme d’Or win, fans of Fidos are cheering for the tail-wagging talents of a rescued Rover who won top dog honors at the festival’s annual celebration of Spots on the silver screen.

Nellie the English Bulldog used her acting chops to embody the role of a male dog named Marvin in the dramatic motion picture Paterson (starring actor Adam Driver from Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens), and her passion for her craft was recently rewarded with the coveted Palm Dog Award.  The honor has previously been bestowed on such canine thespians as Uggie from the Academy Award-winning movie The Artist, and the 2015 recipient, Maltipoo Lucky from the film Arabian Nights.

Adopted from The Humane Society of New York in 2008, the English Bulldog’s abilities on both the big screen and on stage were honed with the help of her compassionate pet parent, famed animal trainer Bill Berloni. Sadly, Nellie crossed Rainbow Bridge on February 28, 2016 after battling incurable bone cancer, and in loving memory of his four-pawed pal Berloni asked that fans donate to The Sandy Fund to help adoptable dogs and cats at the rescue organization where he found Nellie.

Accepting the award on behalf of Nellie, Paterson‘s producer Carter Logan took a moment to shine a spotlight on the option of pet adoption, requesting that potential pet parents cast a dog in need in the starring role as their four-legged family member: “Please adopt- don’t buy a dog or go to a breeder- as a tribute to Nellie.”

Along with the top award, an accolades was also given to acting canine Jacques, a French Dalmatian who garnered the jury prize for his appearance in the movie In Bed with Victoria, while the Palm Dogmanitarian award was presented to director Ken Loach for casting a three-legged dog named Shae in the Palme d’Or-winning flick I, Daniel Blake.

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