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Lassie Star Adopts Senior Dog

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Over the course of 249 episodes of the hit series Lassie, the courageous Collie saved the life of young Timmy Martin on several occasions. Now the former child star who portrayed the beloved fictional character has offered a new lease on life to a senior dog. 

Lassie photo with actor Jon Provost. Photo courtesy Jon Provost Collection

Photo courtesy Jon Provost Collection

Actor Jon Provost and his wife Laurie Jacobson recently took on the real life roles of pet parents to Casper, a 12-year-old Maltese mix from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Having shared their heart of home with other mature dogs (starting in 2008 with Buddy, a shelter dog with special needs who had suffered from neglect and abuse), the couple knew that they wanted to welcome another older canine companion into their family.

How They Knew Casper Was the One

Jon Provost and Laurie Jacobson with Casper. Photo courtesy Michelle Cooke

Relaying the story of how Casper became a part of their lives, Laurie Jacobson stated:       

“I checked the available mutts page every day at and watched the dogs on Zoom. Once Casper appeared on Muttville’s  website, we were interested.

“After we read his glowing review, we knew he was for us. First, it said he was wonderful with children. That was number one as our grandchildren visit weekly.

“It also said he loves people and other dogs. Jon and I make personal appearances in crowded situations and often with other dogs, so that was important. And it said he was a very affectionate dog — oh yeah — perfection. 

“We were thrilled to find him at Muttville’s San Francisco adoption event, and we could see everything we read about him was true…lots of tail wagging and love from Casper. But almost immediately, someone asked to take him for a walk. We thought, ‘That’s it, we lost him.’ But miracle of miracles, they did not take him! We leaped at the opportunity to make him ours.

“We have to say, the adoption process was fantastic. I had contacted people with questions before we went to the event and received so much help from administrators as well as foster parents. The volunteers at adoption day were so kind and helpful. The way the dogs are presented was so much fun…the entire process was so positive. And the cherry on top was that we went home with Casper.”

Photo courtesy Jon Provost and Laurie Jacobson

Just as Jon Provost and Laurie Jacobson were overjoyed to become Casper’s fur-ever parents, everyone at Muttville was thrilled that the senior Maltese had found his special someone to love.

Michelle Cooke, a volunteer adoption counselor at Muttville who secured Casper’s adoption, stated:  “Jon and Laurie liked Casper in particular because he seemed so social and comfortable around people and other dogs since that would be part of his life with them. They were very cute with their interactions with Casper. I’m glad Casper went home with them!”

Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville, said: “We couldn’t be happier to have a living legend, Jon Provost, the original Timmy from Lassie, adopt one of our senior dogs! A true dog loving family, we are honored.”

About Muttville

The first cage-free facility in the United States and first rescue for elderly dogs in the state of California, San Francisco-based Muttville Senior Dog Rescue  was established in 2007, and since that time has saved the lives of more than 11,190 older dogs.

To enjoy a virtual visit with the vintage dogs in the rescue organization’s care, be sure to check out Muttville’s Wagcam each day from noon to 4 p.m. PT! 

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