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Arthur The King Movie Showcases Rescue of Stray Dog

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Fans of films and our four-legged friends will soon be racing to the movie theater to see Arthur The King, a motion picture based on the heartwarming true tale of companionship forged between and endurance racer and a dog who followed his new friend on a 435-mile trek that ultimately lead him to his forever family. 

Before Arthur The King is unleashed on March 15th, here’s a look at Arthur’s life and legacy!

The Story of Arthur

A couple of meatballs proved to be the recipe for turning a stray dog into a friend when Mikael Lindnord tossed a bit of his meal to a wounded stray he had come across while on the fourth day of the Adventure Racing World Championship. The grueling 10-day trek through the jungle took place in Ecuador (a location changed to the Dominican Republic for the 2024 film.)

Although injured, the dog decided to follow Lindnord and the rest of the pack through the treacherous terrain that lay ahead. 

While his team did not win the race, Mikael Lindnord had won the dog’s heart, and he decided to take his new four-legged friend back home to Sweden. 

Arthur The King’s Dog Star

Stepping into the role of the canine with a dogged determination to stick by his new friend is Ukai, a talented tail-wagger who was so loved by his co-star Mark Wahlberg that the actor had hoped that the dog could become a part of his fur family, which consists of two Pomskies named Penny and JoJo, a Pomeranian called Champ, and a Boston Terrier dubbed Lola. 

“I was amazed by how close we got and our connection. So, of course, I wanted him,” Wahlberg later confided to People magazine.  

Although Mark Wahlberg wasn’t able to adopt Ukai (who remained with his trainer), his fellow Arthur The King cast member Simu Liu found his fur baby– a rescue dog named Chopa– during filming of the movie in the Dominican Republic! 

The pup even got the chance to lap up the limelight when Liu brought him to a special screening of the movie.

Remembering Arthur

Although Arthur crossed Rainbow Bridge in late 2020, his memory lives on not only through the movie Arthur The King, but through a series of books penned by his pet parent, Mikael Lindnord:

Shining a Spotlight on Pet Adoption

Best Friends Animals Society and Lionsgate are also paying tribute to Arthur through a PSA which will be shown for a limited time in all Regal theaters and all AMC locations across the country prior to all movies on all screens! 

Featuring Arthur the King co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Ukai, the PSA helps to shine a spotlight on pet adoption:

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