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I know that for many of you snow is measured in feet–not by the quarter of the inch–but today’s snowfall was big, big news here. I haven’t heard measurements (and it’s still coming down in tiny flakes) but, by central Texas standards, this was just about a blizzard.

Back in December, snow was predicted–and, although the dogs did get to see their first snowflakes, it never covered the ground.

So today Irie and Tiki weren’t quite sure what to make of the snow. At first they became very excited and started wrestling and chasing each other like puppies:



Later when the snow became thicker, we headed back out again with dog coats:



Then they seemed determined to find out just what this stuff on the ground really was, eating it and pawing around to see what was beneath:


And we posed for family photos (well, some of us posed; some were still determined to eat our way through the snow):


I know the snow won’t last long…but our memories of it will…



Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

Very good set of pictures !!! esp, the last one is superb :)

Paris and John

Thursday 25th of February 2010

Thanks, Pintu! We had so much fun even though the snow didn't last long. I think was the biggest snowfall here in five or six years!