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Gathering Toys to Donate

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You know how it always seems that kids, when you decide to give away some toys they never played with, suddenly just LOVE those toys? Well, the same goes for pets as well.

This afternoon I decided to get together some dog and cat toys for Teeny’s Friends monthly toy drive. The drive collects toys for needy dogs every month; since the drive is at the Humane Society of Williamson County where we adopted our sweet cat Inca, I decided to take a sack of cat toys, too, for the kitties in the shelter to enjoy. Our four cats have lots of toys and, like all pets, have their favorites as well as the ones they totally ignore.

Until now.

Suddenly while I did the toy sorting, during what was the middle of cat nap time, in walked Coco:


At first she just inspected the pile of toys. Then she decided to check them out further. Uh oh.


Suddenly there was no turning back…these were the best toys EVER…


What…you mean you’re giving away THIS toy??


Then reinforcements arrived…Linus:


I decided just to leave the room for a while and let the new of those old toys wear off. I know it will. And then I’ll bag up the toys for the Teeny’s Friends bin and take them to the shelter where I hope they’ll be equally enjoyed by some cats in need of a little good cheer.

But first I’ve got to sort through the dog toys and find some to take for the shelter doggies, too. Before I do, I’m going to take our two dogs out to enjoy a little sunshine in the yard while I do the toy sorting. I’ve learned my lesson! — Paris