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Temple Grandin Speaks at IACP Conference

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Today we had the chance to attend the part of the annual conference at the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).When we were offered press passes for the conference, we jumped at the chance; the meeting was just about half an hour’s drive from us.

The group was meeting at the Triple Crown Dog Academy, an amazing facility outside the town of Hutto, Texas that spans 100,000 square feet on a 360-acre campus.


(You might be wondering why there’s a hippo in front of the Triple Crown sign. It’s one of about 150 such statues in Hutto. They all hark back to an incident almost a century ago when a hippo escaped from a circus train and hid in the small farming town.)

But we digress.

Dr. Temple Grandin was the keynote speaker at this four-day conference. A Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and the author of several bestselling books including Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals, most recently Grandin was the subject of an HBO movie starring Claire Danes which traces Grandin’s life from childhood when she was diagnosed with autism and her mother was told she might never speak to her development into a well-known scientist.

Much of Grandin’s work has centered around the humane treatment of livestock, especially cattle, and Grandin translated that research into useful information for those working with dogs. Her 90-minute presentation, filled with great information for dog lovers, was presented in a relaxed style with just enough scientific information to make it interesting without ever weighing it down. As soon as we get our notes transcribed, we’ll be back with more information from the presentation…more tomorrow!



Sunday 21st of March 2010

Waiting for more from the presentation.