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Our Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt

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Our dogs love Easter egg hunts. Last year we had the first hunt and through the year we’ve done some fun hunts for pieces of hot dogs and kibble in the yard. This year our Easter egg hunt consisted of a few boiled eggs, some hot dog pieces, and some square of cheese (all taken into account in their daily food total so they had a very light breakfast and dinner.)

The dogs were indoors when the food was hidden in the front yard, but they knew something was up. The moment they stepped outside, they began the search:


Irie was on the trail with real seriousness:


She tried sneaking up on the food:


She quickly found the first egg and took off running with her treasure in her mouth:


Tiki was starting to wonder why Irie was finding all the goodies:


A few bites of egg later and the hunt was on again, Irie stopping only for a quick pat:


Finally, finally Tiki found an egg. It was so good she had to eat it with her eyes closed:


And then she was back in pursuit of the goodies, posing for a photo and searching all at once:


Eventually the hunt slowed and the dogs really started to search, just to make sure they didn’t miss any:


But soon the hunt was over and every last Easter goodie was gone. Before naptime began, Irie decided it was time for one more celebration of spring: a dip in the yard “pool.” Happy Easter!