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Paris and the Good Luck Dog

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Years ago, we visited Prague on assignment for some business magazines and to work on some articles for our romantic travel website.

On the city’s scenic Charles Bridge, there’s a statue of St. John Nepomuk, who was thrown from the bridge during the 8th Century and drowned. Later a statue of the priest was erected on the bridge and beneath it were placed two plaques.

One depicts St. John being tossed into the Vltava River and tradition says if you rub that plaque, you’ll return to Prague.

Well, there’s a second plaque beneath the statue and, seeing it, I rubbed it, thinking this was the lucky plaque. The plaque portrays a dog.

Since that time, I haven’t been back to Prague (guess that’s what I get for rubbing the wrong plaque) but I have been lucky enough to fetch a career writing about dogs. Maybe that plaque was lucky after all…

Paris Permenter
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