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Wordless Wednesday: June Means June Bugs

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June means the arrival of June bugs here. Technically, I hear, they’re June beetles, a form of scarab beetles that peak in mid- to late-June in this area.


The bugs must be drawn by moonlight reflecting off the water at night because they’re floating on the water of the dogs’ “swimming pool” every single morning. Sometimes the bugs are still alive and we’re able to rescue them and send them on to live out their June bug lives.

Other times, they’re spotted–dead or alive–before we have the chance.

Tiki seems to have a special interest in the bugs. She tries to get low in the water, blowing bubbles with her nose submerged:


Other times she gets right up by the June bug and watches it:


And, sometimes, she claims the June bug as her own.


They must taste bad because thankfully she doesn’t make a habit of eating them!

Paris Permenter
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