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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Bloopers

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Last week we had fun sharing the photos we snapped of Irie and Tiki in Halloween costumes. But now we thought it was time for the outtakes…

Tiki decided that the best ploy for avoiding clothing was to lie on her back:


When Tiki’s pumpkin suit finally went on, Irie slowly, slowly crept up behind her to see what was going on:


Once the photos were done and the pumpkin was off, Tiki was all kisses (and Irie was still curious about that pumpkin suit…and probably grateful that she’s too large to wear it!)


Finally Irie seemed to figure out the whole costume thing. She walked over to the next costume–a witch’s hat/headback–and took off at top speed across the yard. It must be a fetch toy! Oh, and you don’t need to throw it…I’ll just take it and run…


Prima Donna (Lilly's Mom)

Wednesday 27th of October 2010

Love the photos! I see what you mean about the difficulty with the costumes. Lilly loves dressing up! She's used to it between bandanas and sweaters, her pink parka for winter. She's a girlie girl like mom!