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DogTipper on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio

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This week, I was on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio! (We were both going to be on but we’ve found that we get weird feedback when we’re on two phones on the radio at the same time.)

Robbin and Joe are a husband-wife team of pet lovers like us so it was fun to talk with them about DogTipper and Barkonomics. We chatted about why we decided to write Barkonomics and talked about some tips for saving money on your dog’s care.

The highlight of the show, for me, was when Robbin called me “the Martha Stewart of the pet world”! OK, if you’ve seen my messy office on our videos, you know I’m no Martha in terms of organization (or cooking, or sewing, or many other things, for that matter) but I love Martha Stewart’s magazine and her business ability to have her brand in just about every shop I visit…and, of course, I love her devotion to her dogs.

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