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Getting Groomed

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OK, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a somewhat nervous dog mom. I know both of our dogs are big ol’ girls but, to me, they need and deserve all the worry and fuss that we pay over them.

On Friday, Tiki is getting her first “real” haircut and groom. (Last year she had her very first haircut using our clippers.) She has a single coat, except on her hips, but her feathers get matted. She loves to play in what remains of our quickly evaporating creek (see above) which has just about turned her feathers into felt. (She will not tolerate brushing of those feathers.) Since we live in the country, I worry that ticks and no telling who else are taking up residence in there.

This year I had planned to give her another home haircut. I was hoping to put it off until about June but the temperature is already quite summer-like, reaching the low- and mid- 90s several times already. Tiki is spending way too much of her time hanging out on the air-conditioner vents. It is time for a haircut.

Before I whipped out those clippers, though, PetSmart offered us a coupon for a complimentary groom. We love our local PetSmart (Irie and I went through clicker training class there!) but we’ve never used their grooming salon so this is a first for us!

On Friday morning (at 7am…eek!), I’m taking Tiki for her spring haircut! I’ll be staying with her (did I mention I’m a nervous dog mom?) so she’s getting the express cut. Watch for “after” photos on Friday!

Disclosure: PetSmart provided us with a complimentary voucher for Tiki’s groom. We were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own (and Tiki’s).


Friday 15th of April 2011

Who did the work and where?


Paris and John

Friday 15th of April 2011

We went to our local PetSmart. I am SO happy; Ginger, the groomer, was super patient with Tiki (and me...I was nervous!) Everyone there was really nice and Ginger did a great job. I'm about to post "after" photos!