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Dr. Marty Becker Visits Austin

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As part of his 30-city Big Bus Tour, Dr. Marty Becker stopped in the Austin area today! “America’s Veterinarian” (seen regularly on “Good Morning, America” as well as on “The Dr. Oz Show”) has been touring the country and Austin was his next-to-last stop.

John headed over to Pflugerville for the book signing at PETCO. (We’re in an extremely high fire danger right now so one of us is trying to stay home all the time with the dogs and cats so Paris was home.) John got the chance to meet Dr. Becker right away:

(And we’re super excited that he knew DogTipper!)

After all, since Dr. Becker was there to sign copies of his new book, Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual: Hundreds of Secrets, Surprises, and Solutions for Raising a Happy, Healthy Dog, there were lots of dogs ready to meet the vet…

… and get a tasty treat…

And Gina Spadafori, Dr. Becker’s writing partner, was there with her dog McKenzie. It’s easy to see that McKenzie has been the official tour dog for this nearly three-month-long event; she was relaxed and at home at the event:

The Big Bus Tour is pulling out of Austin (which was enjoying a 101 degree day) and heading to its final stop, Dallas. But along with our photos, we were left with a great reminder of this visit: a copy of Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual that Dr. Becker signed for us!