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Going to the Dogs!

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Our bedroom is going to the dogs.

Or, to be more exact, the bed is going to the dogs. After years and years of having a double bed, we’re upsizing in a big way…all the way to a king. The reason?


As you know from our reviews, our dogs have nice dog beds. Many nice dog beds that they enjoy during daily naps. But at night Irie likes to sleep with us, and we like for her to sleep with us, so we’re getting a new bed. Irie is many things but she is not small; this 75-pound girl isn’t just large but sleeps with her legs perpendicular to her body. While Tiki is a neat curler, all bundled in a little furry package wrapped up by her tail, Irie takes up some major real estate.

John started building a new bed about two weeks ago and just finished it. He started work in his workshop…

…and did all the cutting, and sanding, and staining in there. We moved it to the bedroom for final assembly, all carefully monitored by Tiki…

Soon Tiki was checking out the platform bed…

…and was quickly joined by Irie. The new mattress won’t be delivered until later this week but Tiki and Irie said that’s no problem!

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