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10*365: Vertical Photos to Show Height

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Well, Day 10’s Photo Project *almost* became Day 11’s Photo Project because we had a late start to our day thanks to this:

If you’ve ever lived in the country, you probably recognize this scene…a half torn down pumphouse and well digging rig. Technically, this isn’t the digging rig (they’re much longer) but a rig to hold up the pump while repairs were done to our well.

This quick photo today made us think of a photo principle that’s easy to use with your dogs, too: take vertical photos to show height…like this photo of Tiki after a bath:

It’s quick and easy to do and adds a different perspective to your photos!

If you’ve got a vertical photo of your dog that helps illustrate how vertical photos can show height, be sure to upload your photo (just use the “+” button below the comments) to share the fun!

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