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40*365: Photographing the Little Moments

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Today I had planned to cover a tip on using your camera’s zoom. And I will in a future 365 Project post.

But last night, right before bedtime, I noticed our cat Felix had a cut on his lip. I pulled his lip back to check…and noticed one of his canine teeth was broken off at the root. We took him to our vet first thing this morning and soon found out that the problem was more extensive than we first thought. Felix had to have TEN teeth extracted today including the root of that broken canine tooth.

Felix is back home now and feeling pretty great, considering all he’s been through today. When we first brought the cat carrier in, Tiki got extremely excited. Maybe a little too excited, we thought, so she took a break outside while we unloaded Felix. We put his cat bed on our bed so he could have a quiet place to rest.

But Felix had other ideas. He was up and on the move. We decided to let Tiki back in the house. (Irie was already in the house, on the couch, just watching.)

Immediately Tiki headed to the bed, followed by Felix…

… followed by a lot of sniffing…

…followed, finally by settling down for a late afternoon snooze…

Tiki is so happy that her little buddy is back home and so are we! Today’s tip is just to be sure to record those little moments, like today’s homecoming!

If you have a photo of one of your dog’s little moments, please add it to our post using the + link in the comments section below!

Monday 13th of February 2012

My Pup-Pup going for a ride.


Friday 10th of February 2012

I emailed a photo of Wes.  It was the moment Wes settled in after we brought him home from the Rescue.