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59*365: Working with Backlighting

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Today I shot some photos of a chicken liver treat recipe I was preparing in the dehydrator. The dehydrator was in front of the kitchen window…and that’s where today’s tip lies…

The natural lighting that comes in a window can make for great photos…but it can also create havoc on your photos if you include the window itself in the photo. (Please ignore the reflection of the kitchen lights!)

In the top photo, I’ve aimed at the camera at the dehydrator which makes the window behind the dehydrator overexposed.

You can compare that to the photo below where I aim the camera at the window, leaving the dehydrator too dark…

Neither is right or wrong…it all just depends on what you want to highlight in your photo. For me, I wanted to highlight the chicken livers I was dehydrating, so a closeup shot, taken in this same position, worked just fine with the natural light provided by the window…

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