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119*365: Grabbing Photo Opportunities

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Today’s 365 Photo Project tip is a quick one: don’t put off those photos. When you see a photo opportunity, take it instead of waiting until everything’s “just right.”

Last week, I was down at our creek letting the dogs swim…and wishing I had my camera. It’s not easy to take two dogs and a DSLR down there (the banks are slippery) so I usually don’t have my camera. I made a mental note to come back with my camera.

Well, about three days went by and suddenly the temperature shot up to 95 degrees. The creek, which had been flowing so nicely, was reduced to a trickle. I decided this afternoon that I’d better get busy on those photos before the trickle completely stopped (and the water moccasins moved in!)

The water which, just last week, had been shoulder high on Irie was fine for wading this afternoon, though…

Irie just loves playing in the creek!

Tiki is more cautious in the creek that Irie (which is so unusual because Tiki is SO much more outgoing that Irie in every other way)…but she still loves getting in…

Both dogs like exploring the banks (I think they know I don’t want them sticking their noses into every nook and cranny in the bank!)

I hope, hope, hope we’ll have some rain this week. The memories of last year’s historic drought (which left the creek bone dry for over a year) are still very fresh. But at least we have our photos from today’s excursion!

Paris Permenter
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