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93*365: Using Diagonal Lines in Your Photos

Just where does your eye first land when you look at a photo? If you’re like most people, your eye will start in the lower left corner of the image then work its way to the right.

By including a diagonal line in your photo, like the toy with Tiki in the above photo, the diagonal line will draw your viewer’s eye up into the photo, giving the photo a more dynamic feel. (Even if that photo features a very undynamic subject, like sleepy Tiki!)

The diagonal also gives you an intersection…here Tiki’s head and the toy…creating a nice focal point for the shot.

Try adding a diagonal line to a dog photo. The possibilities are endless: a leash, the edge of a road, a line created by two surface colors. If you have a photo with a diagonal line, please share the fun in the comments field below (just click the + link to upload a photo under 1 MG)!

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