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98*365: Posing Your Dog with a Costume Headband

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Irie and Tiki will pose with the occasional costume…but it’s not easy. Today, though, I think I might have found the secret to costume posing, at least where headbands are concerned.

Instead of trying to balance the headband on your dog’s head, put it just above your dog’s collar. (This will, of course, only work with large dogs.)

Not only will the headband remain straightened instead of constantly tipping forward or backward but your dog just might be fooled into believing the headband is just another collar, at least for a few moments so you can snap a photo…

Of course, even with my new trick for photographing with headbands, Tiki finally said enough’s enough!

Have you photographed your dog wearing a costume headband? If so, please share the fun…just click the + link in the comments field below to upload your photo!

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