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Wordless Wednesday: Fun in the Creek!

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We are so lucky to have the creek running right now; this time last year, it was completely dry and remained dry until early this year. If we don’t get some rain soon, it will stop, though (I’m already seeing the springs upstream slow down) so we’ve been taking every chance possible to let Tiki and Irie enjoy splashing around in the swimming hole while they can! The center is deep enough for Irie to swim (Tiki is cautious about swimming, although she’s a good swimmer). Every time we leave the house, they want to make this their first stop!

Today we’re joining in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday hop of pet blogs. Enjoy more Wordless Wednesday posts below (and let us know if you’ll be at BlogPaws next month…we hope we get to meet many of you in person!)


Wednesday 30th of May 2012

Hi Y'all,

How y'all doin'?  Just stoppin'  for a visit.   Hope y'all are having a fantastic and fun week! 

Y'all come by now, Hawk aka BrownDog