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204*365: Aspect Ratio

Earlier this week I told you about our new Canon SX40. We’re still learning all this options but one item was immediately apparent: aspect ratio.

I shot the above photo earlier this evening. (I was trying to get Tiki to pose on the new Bret Michaels bed from PetSmart that we’re reviewing. Linus, however, insisted that it was a cat bed.)

You’ll see that the proportions of the above image are a lot different than the photo below which I took with my Nikon (of Tiki testing out the CAT toy.)

You’ll see how much taller the Nikon photo is compared to the Canon photo.

The “aspect ratio” of the photo can be changed on many cameras. This is much like the difference you’d see between the proportions of an older TV picture compared to a flat screen picture, which is shorter and wider.

Check and see if your camera has an adjustable “aspect ratio”; if you don’t have your manual, just do a quick search for your camera’s model and the term “aspect ratio” to learn how to adjust this option!

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