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Aug. 16: The Week Ahead

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hand-collageWell, I’d planned to report to you today about how much office reorganization I had achieved this weekend.

A wasp had different plans for me, though.

A sting by a red wasp on Saturday meant swelling all day Saturday. Irie did her best to help out (or did she just want the ice on my hand??) I had several freelance assignments to do this weekend so I couldn’t take Benadryl until bedtime but I figured that I’d be all better by the next morning.


By Sunday morning, my entire hand was swollen with swelling all the way to my elbow. I spent the morning in urgent care and now I’m on steroids to try to take down the swelling.

So, I have an evening of rest planned…and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be resuming our usual posting schedule! We’ll have the adoptables for you tomorrow as well as some great giveaways. Be sure to keep an eye out for a great group giveaway we’re running for a Kurgo dog harness, starting tomorrow.

And, since tomorrow’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, don’t forget to take advantage of our BOGO offer on our Black Cat Bracelet. If you have a cat-loving friend, pet sitting client, or would like to show your own support of cats, be sure to take advantage of this buy one, get one sale through Monday evening!

Have a great week…and please stay away from wasps!


Sunday 16th of August 2015

So sorry that happened to you!! My husband literally just came inside running after he sprayed a nest we have in the ground.... We don't want child or dog stung!