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Remembering Irie, 2008-2018

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Today I need to write the post that no pet lover wants to face. We lost Irie to cancer on Friday. Her illness was sudden and unexpected; a vet visit on Tuesday diagnosed a tumor on her spleen. We’d hoped to have a splenectomy but Friday’s visit to the oncologist showed tumors throughout her lungs and abdomen as well. We had to say goodbye.

Irie’s adoption spurred the launch of DogTipper that same year but her impact on us was far greater than a career change. To say we are devastated seems an understatement right now. We’re going to log off for a few days to help Tiki, who has never been without Irie other than one night when Irie was hospitalized after ACL surgery, and to prepare ourselves before we continue on.

Irie, we will always love you.

Paris Permenter
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