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We Have a New Puppy!!

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I am SO excited to announce that we have adopted a four-month-old puppy! Named Baby Bear at the shelter, we’re now calling him Bärli (little bear). He was adopted from the Hill Country SPCA in Fredericksburg, a wonderful shelter with a home-like atmosphere. We took Tiki with us to meet this little fellow, who’s 4.5 months old. The shelter guesses he’s an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix and might reach about 40-60 pounds when grown, but it’s anyone’s guess since he came in as a stray.

Described as a little shy at first, Barli came right out of his shell when he saw Tiki!

Barli’s shelter name was Baby Bear but, since all of our pets other than Inca have a name that ends in a Y sound, we wanted a name that would fit right in. It took some searching but we soon came upon Bärli, a German diminutive for little bear, seen in everything from gummy candies…

…to children’s books…

Barli’s hometown of Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants and still has a strong German heritage in everything from its restaurants to festivals. Through the years, we enjoyed so many great day trips and overnight getaways with Irie and Tiki to Fredericksburg; the community holds many special memories for us.

Now we can’t wait to make new memories with little Barli! He is really helping to heal our hearts after the recent loss of our sweet Irie, and helping to cheer up Tiki. She’s already more active!

Barli is doing great, getting along wonderfully with the cats and really looking up to big sister Tiki. We look forward to bringing you so much more about this very special boy. Welcome to the family, Barli!

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