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Barli’s First Month!

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It’s hard to believe that little Barli has been with us for a little over a month now…and what a month it has been!

I’d already planned a long list of socialization activities for him; since he’d spent three months at the shelter, I wanted to be sure to get him exposed to lots of different types of situations. We took to numerous local small parks with a day trip to Burnet and on to Inks Lake State Park.

But last week a relative in a nursing home down in south Texas became ill so we quickly planned a trip to the nursing home with an overnight stay down on the coast, both very big firsts for Barli. I couldn’t have been more proud of Barli; he was such a champ at the nursing home, gently letting our family members as well as other residents pet him (without any puppy mouthing or barking!)

At the hotel, he was quiet and just perfect, from his first elevator ride to his first time walking through automatic doors.

We only had an hour to enjoy the beach but he made the most of it with Tiki:

This week Barli had his first chance to visit a pet supply store…

…then we once again headed back to south Texas to the nursing home but just for the day this time. Barli had the opportunity to walk around outside the nursing home and meet some nearby cows…

At home, Barli is quickly making friends and can’t wait to see neighbors Buddy and Daisy on his twice-daily walks. He’s charmed all our cats as well and often curls up on the couch with one for a cat nap turned dog nap…

Barli has really helped cheer up Tiki, who was so depressed after the loss of sweet Irie.

We couldn’t be happier about our sweet little Barli. It’s amazing how quickly he has adjusted to our family. We’re so happy we saw his adoption listing on the Hill Country SPCA website and that he joined our family–we all love you, Barli!

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