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Our Mother’s Day Weekend!

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We hope everyone had a joyous Mother’s Day weekend. Today marked TWO MONTHS since Barli’s adoption so we had an extra reason to celebrate.

This weekend centered on Barli’s new wading pool (actually a children’s sandbox with a cover). He has been in the pool every time he steps outside (thank goodness his Whistle GPS is waterproof!)

Now about eight months old, Barli has hit a growth spurt and suddenly he’s taller and heavier than he was even a couple of weeks ago. He still has plenty of puppy silliness, though, taking joy in blowing bubbles (completely ignoring the dead cedar needles that drift into his pool)…

…and spending more energy than I can imagine jumping in and out and in and out again of the pool…

Tiki decided to take advantage of this quiet time to explore the Indian blankets, still beautiful even though the wildflowers are quickly fading in our heat…

Of course, once Barli saw that Tiki was having fun in another part of the yard, he decided that he, too, needed to checkout the wildflowers!!

Barli has brought so many smiles back into our lives…it’s hard to believe that he’s only been with us for two months!


Thursday 11th of July 2019

Great article on Barli's weekend with his mom I love your post-Paris thanks for posting.