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Help Us with Our Next Cookbook!

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We are at work on our next dog treat cookbook–and we’d like YOUR help!

Well, we had a busy spring and summer planned with many local vendor shows. I’d just ordered a turquoise tent and a “Yucky Puppy” table runner so we could sell, rather than our entire PawZaar store collection, our exclusive YUCKY PUPPY line of poop bag carriers and dog walking bags at local vendor events.

Of course, no one’s spring plans have worked out as envisioned. We are so much luckier than most; we have always worked from home so our days and work flow are not terribly disrupted.

Our days begin and end with long, calming dog walks. In between, we work on our PawZaar gift store, continuing to send out orders as always, and on our DogTipper and CatTipper blogs.

Perhaps by summer or fall, we’ll be able to put that tent and table runner to use at dog festivals, shelter adoption events and more.

In the meantime, though, we’ve been hard at work thinking of a product that dog lovers could enjoy from home–and one that would benefit shelters like our other products. Sadly shelters are missing so many of their spring fundraising opportunities–and I worry that a surge of surrendered pets may not be so far in the future.

So we’ve come up with the idea of the YUCKY PUPPY Cookbook, a collection of stinky dog treat recipes!

It has been several years since we wrote The Healthy Hound Cookbook (Simon & Schuster), and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work formulating some new dog treat recipes!

We all know that most dogs LOVE smelly dog treats, perfect for use as training treats or for refocusing dogs during distracting events. Liver treats are tops with Barli and Tiki–but what about your dog?

We’ve got a short, anonymous survey below where we’d love to get your feedback on treat recipes you’d like to try. Is there some treat you just draw the line at making? (Dehydrating your own chicken feet or pig ears? Freeze drying liver? Boiling beef heart?) Let us know!

Please give us your feedback as we get to work on our new cookbook–and we’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Paris Permenter
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