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Make Your Own Dog Bed

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Today we’ve got an economical DIY post from Bethany North. Making a bed for your dog is fun and resourceful, and on top of that, you can use soft materials that your dog will love!


  • Fabric
  • Stuffing
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins


  1. Take the measurement of the length of your dog, and make sure that you add enough room on either side so that it is comfortable.
  2. Gather all of the materials together, and use washable fabric to construct the bed. You can also use a different material for the top of the bed than the bottom.
  3. Measure the fabric according to the measurement you took, and cut your fabric the same length and width.
  4. Cut the stuffing or batting 2 inches shorter than the fabric measurement in width and length.
  5. Pin the sides of the fabric together, and place the pins 1 1/2 inches from the edges for a seam allowance. Do this on three sides of the fabric while leaving one side open.
  6. Sew the fabric together on all three sides, and make cuts in the three corners of the fabric when it is still wrong side out so that the corners lay smooth. Turn the fabric right side out, and insert the stuffing into the bed.
  7. Fold in the outer seam, and pin in place. Sew the outer seam together to close up the bed to complete the project.

Congratulations, you have made a beautiful bed for man’s best friend!

For a great selection of the Bunn home coffee maker, check out Bethany North’s website, The Coffee Bump.

Photo courtesy Bethany North

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