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Best in Show Pattern & Tutorial

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Crafters: we’ve got a free tutorial here to share courtesy of Helen, over at Bustle and Sew! This cuter than cute project involves recycled material and some embroidery, all in a quick design that can be enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced crafters.

Helen finds material everywhere. “I live in deepest rural Devon in an old farmhouse near the sea with my naughty newfie, Ben. I work part-time for a local charity and spend the rest of my time designing and making textile items. I haunt our local charity/thrift shops to find vintage textiles to recycle for my items and love to use patchwork, applique and embroidery techniques.”

The inspiration for this pattern was Helen’s dog (photo, right). “Ben, my Newfoundland Dog, has never won a prize in a dog show.  And somehow, unless he learns to behave better when bored, I don’t think he ever will. But the little terrier in my free pattern for you has definitely swept the board at the show.  He’s a really easy design – great for beginners, or for more experienced stitchers wanting a quick result….”

Here’ the link to the free pattern and tutorial:

And cute Ben, we think you are definitely Best in Show!!

Photos courtesy Bustle and Sew

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