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Dog Breeds that Start with F | Dog Breeds A-Z

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Field Spaniel

Originally developed to be a gundog, the dogs’ shape and color proved to be unpopular with hunters, and subsequent bad breeding practices in the 1800s for the sake of competition brought this breed to the brink of extinction. Still considered a rarity in the dog world, in recent years responsible breeders have helped to revive the Field Spaniel population.

One claim to fame for the Field Spaniel is a dog named Obo. A Sussex Spaniel/Field Spaniel mix, Obo is known as the father of the modern English Cocker Spaniel, while his progeny Obo II is considered the father of today’s American Cocker Spaniel.

Fila Brasileiro

True to its name, this Brazilian breed “holds” or “arrests” (“filar” in Portuguese) its prey until its human hunting companion makes the kill. 

Also known as the Brazilian Mastiff and the Jaguar Hound, this working dog was a fixture on plantations and cattle ranches.

Although known for their faithfulness to their human families, in many parts of the world the Fila Brasileiro finds itself part of a group to which no dog breed wants to belong. The breed has been deemed dangerous in New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago and parts of Australia, and ownership of a Fila Brasileiro in Cyprus, Malta, Norway and the United Kingdom can only be admissible through the courts. 

Finnish Hound

Originating in the 19th century, the majority of the world’s dog lovers have never been fortunate enough to become familiar with this scent hound, although the breed is a common sight in its native country and Finland’s western neighbor, Sweden.

Also known as the Finnish Bracke, this breed is believed to have been developed by pairing English, French, German and Swiss hounds.

Finnish Lapphund

An ancient breed born in Lapland, the Finnish Lapphund once acted as a hunting partner for the Sami people before their skill at herding reindeer was brought to the forefront.  

Closely associated with the Swedish Lapphund, the population of this friendly Spitz-like dog is prominent in its homeland, but sparse in other areas of the world, with the birth of the first litter of Finnish Lapphunds in the United States not taking place until 1988.     

Finnish Spitz

Today’s Finnish Spitz originated from early northern Spitz dogs owned by Finno-Ugrian tribes traveling across the lands of Eurasia and Finland.

Originally used for hunting, these dogs went by a variety of names, including Suomenpystykorva or “Cock Eared Dog”, the Finnish Barking Bird Dog and, when introduced to England, were Finsk Spet dogs. 

In 1891, the name was officially changed to the Finnish Spitz.

Flat-Coated Retriever

A star in the eyes of hunters when the breed made its debut in 19th century England, the popularity of the “Gamekeeper’s dog” was later overshadowed by the Golden Retriever. 

Although the dwindling number of Flat-Coated Retrievers were a sign of concern after the second World War, the breed began to rebound in the 1960s. 

Today this gundog’s role has changed from that of retrieving game as a hunter’s aide to retrieving a ball thrown during a game of fetch as a family member.

French Bulldog

In the 19th century, Bulldogs were extremely popular in England then made their way to France when numerous lace workers headed to the area for work and brought their small toy Bulldogs with them. Frenchwomen adored these little dogs, specifically the ones with prick ears, a feature not as popular in England.

Soon more similar dogs were brought to France by dog dealers, which were referred to as Bouledogue Francais.

Today the The French Bulldog–or Frenchie–is a fun-loving, clownish lapdog that enjoys playtime and being the center of attention.

French Spaniel

A breed that once ruled the grounds of Versailles, not even the admiration of French royalty stopped the decline of this hunting dog, which faced oblivion in the 20th century.

The breed’s salvation came thanks to the efforts of Father Fournier, a French priest who would go on to become the president of the French Spaniel Club. 

The largest of the Spaniels, this pointing dog is also known as the French Setter, the Canadian Setter and the Epagneul Francais.

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