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Dog Breeds that Start with J | Dog Breeds A-Z

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Jack Russell Terrier

A young Theologian student at Oxford University named John Russell once met a milkman with a white terrier that had tan spots on his eyes and ears. Russell had been interested in breeding a white dog for hunting whose coloration would prevent confusion with the game the dog was pursuing. Russell purchased the dog name “Trump” and he became the foundation for the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed. Reverend Russell also developed the longer-legged Parson Russell Terriers.


A dog with a drive to hunt in its DNA thanks to the Old English Wirehaired Terrier and the Welsh Terrier, this German breed of Jagdterrier even has a tribute to the pursuit of prey in its name, as “Jagd” is the word for hunt in the country of this terrier’s origin.

Developed after the first World War, the German Hunting Terrier— as the breed is also known– is a small but stout-hearted dog capable of hunting bobcats, fox, wild boar and raccoons.

Japanese Chin

Like all great beauties, there is an air of mystery surrounding the Japanese Chin. Where did the toy dogs originate? No one knows for certain, although China and Korea both claim to be the breed’s birthplace.

Regardless of which country first presented the companion canines as gifts to Japanese royalty, no one can contest the fact that the breed rose to prominence in The Land of The Rising Sun.

Japanese royalty were not the only sovereigns to realize that dogs rule. Britain’s Queen Victoria also fell under the spell of the charming Chin when Commodore Matthew Perry presented her with a pair of pooches, and Queen Alexandra was so fascinated by the breed that she had 261 Japanese Chin, and posed for posterity in paintings and photographs alongside a few of her favorite four-legged friends.

Once known as the Japanese Spaniel, these lovable lap dogs are a good match for cat lovers, as the breed’s mannerisms are often referred to as feline-esque.

The Japanese Chin even shares a similar legend to the tabby cat, with the Chin possessing a line on their forehead which is believed to mean that the dog has been touched by Buddha. A Christian folktale states that the tabby’s distinct M on its forehead stands for Mary, who presumably stroked the head of a tabby cat shortly after the birth of Jesus, while according to the Muslim faith the M stands for Muhammad, to represent the prophet’s love of cats.

Japanese Spitz

Often confused with the American Eskimo Dog, this breed began in The Land of the Rising Sun in the 1920s as the descendants of dogs from Germany. (Unfortunately, documents detailing the Japanese Spitz’s origins were destroyed during the second World War.)

A breed with one of the dog world’s longest life expectancy (ranging from 12 – 16 years), pet parents with a Japanese Spitz can enjoy many years with their fluffy all-white four-legged family members.

Japanese Terrier


They may not have won any gold medals, but the Jindo who proudly promenaded into the Seoul Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 1988 summer Olympic Games in Seoul definitely won the hearts of dog lovers around the world! An ancient breed descended from Mongolian dogs, the Jindo is named after the South Korean island where the dogs originated.

Also known as the Korean Jindo, the Chindo, the Jindo Gae and the Jin Dog, this loyal breed has been deemed a national treasure of the Republic of South Korea.


An ancient breed that originated in South India, this duck herding dog found itself on the brink of extinction when farmers turned to other avenues for their income.

Their herding ability no longer needed, the cast out canines relied on their wits to stay alive. Learning how to fish, this survival skill ultimately proved to be detrimental to the safety of the Jonangi, who were now seen as a menace by the people they formerly helped.

Now a rare breed, the dog with the unique “yodel” is starting to see a resurgence thanks to a handful of breeders.

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