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National American Eskimo Dog Day

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A breed known for their playful, perpetual grin, the American Eskimo Dog never fails to put a smile on the faces of their pet parents.  Here’s another reason for admirers of the Eskie to smile– National American Eskimo Dog Day! 

Celebrate American Eskimo Dog Day

When is National American Eskimo Dog Day?

National American Eskimo Dog Day is scheduled every year for January 15. The pet holiday was originated in 2020 by, a Facebook group for dog lovers.

Fun Facts About American Eskimo Dogs

In celebration, we’ve fetched a few interesting facts about the breed: 

The American Eskimo Dogs originated in Germany, where the breed worked at herding and guarding livestock.

Along with the name German Spitz (from which the breed descended), over the years the American Eskimo Dog has also been known as the American Spitz and the Cloud Spitz, which accounts for one of the breed’s nicknames, Cloud. 

Eskie is another cute “pet name” for the American Eskimo Dog.  

Wanting to quell any resentment that the public might feel toward the German-born dogs during the first World War, the breed was referred to as the American Spitz before officially being named the American Eskimo Dog in 1917. 

The breed comes in three sizes:

  • toy (which stands 9 – 12 inches)
  • miniature (which ranges from 12 – 15 inches in height)
  • standard (which are between 15 – 20 inches tall)

The Eskie coat comes in white, with cream or biscuit-shaded markings also acceptable among reputable breeders.

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Long live the American Eskimo Dog!  The average lifespan for a member of the breed is 13 – 15 years.

The American Eskimo dog no doubt holds the number one spot in the hearts of any pet parent who is fortunate enough to have one of the charismatic canines as a member of their fur family. However, the breed lags toward the back of the pack on the American Kennel Club’s annual list of the year’s most popular dog breeds, landing in 122nd place in 2021.

Circus Stars

Thanks to their intelligence, the American Eskimo Dog is able to quickly learn tricks, which helped the breed gain fame as circus dogs at the dawn of the 20th century.  The clever canines entertained crowds by dancing, weaving in and out among moving wagon wheels, and acting as the clowns’ companions.  

The first famous American Eskimo Dog was Stout Pal Pierre, who walked the tightrope as a performer with the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the 1930s.

The breed was established as a family dog in the United States thanks in large part to traveling circuses, which sold litters of pups to attendees when the circus stopped in a town. 

American Eskimo Dogs in Hollywood

Sharing screen time with Sanda Bullock and Betty White, four American Eskimo pups named Flurry, Nanu, Sitka and Winter portrayed the canine character Kevin in the romantic comedy The Proposal.

The dogs’ acting chops can also be seen in the family-friendly flick Hotel for Dogs.

Adopting An Alaskan Eskimo Dog

If you would like to welcome an Alaskan Eskimo Dog into your heart and home, you can check online at Eskie Rescuers United, a non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers located throughout the United States, who foster and find forever homes for members of the breed who are in need.

You can also search for adoptable American Eskimo Dogs online at:

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National American Eskimo Dog Day
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